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Economic Development

Plan to introduce economic impact zones across the city to revitalize undeveloped and underdeveloped areas. Willingness to work with incoming businesses to grant tax incentives to appeal to bringing jobs to Frankfort. Add entrepreneur attraction programs and strategic plans for recruitment and retention/expansion to Economic Development. Bring back the Main Street Program with Downtown Frankfort, Inc. and KCDC.


Arts and Convention Center

Minimum 5,000 seat facility. City owned and ran. Part of a newly rebranded parks and arts department. City employees added will be covered by the annual revenues from the center. Location would have mixed use retail space for private/public business plans.  Center MUST be self sustainable and profitable. Communities with much smaller populations than ours enjoy their own civic and entertainment centers that are major economic impacts on those cities and their businesses.


Police and Law Enforcement

We have one of the best police and law enforcement agencies in all of the Commonwealth. But they do not have all of the tools that they need in this digital age.  We must fully fund the law enforcement personnel needs to cover our city at all hours of the day. We must also work to provide active video dash cameras in each police cruiser. It protects our law enforcement officers and assists the courts in the prosecution of crimes.

Crime and Drug Activity

Effort to provide funding for city/county conglomeration in cooperative effort to create government developed, yet self-sustainable, inpatient and outpatient opioid treatment facilities. Also work with the county to provide funding, through pursuit of state and federal funds and grants for a District Court Drug Court and Mental Health Court.



Work to provide upgrades to our park systems including a renewed focus on combining efforts with the County to jointly upgrade all fields and amenities at Lakeview Park should be undertaken. We should not be duplicating services of our parks departments. Our community benefits from all amenities that our local governments provide. There should be a concerted effort between our bodies to provide for the well being of all of our families and children.

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