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A candidate for the 57th District Seat of the Kentucky House of Representatives

Filing for 57th District House of Representatives
Thompson Alvis Crew at Buffalo Trace
Speaking at Rise Conference '24
Christmas Parade '23
Frankfort Real Men Wear Pink Event
Always on the phone
The Thompson's Son
Like Father, Like Daughter
Liv Graduation
Proud Dad with his Beauty Queen
Kyle and Landon Thompson
Frankfort City Hall
Go Big Blue
Kyle and Macy Grace
Kyle on Air
Pike's Peak
Thompson family photo

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 Make History and Get Kyle Thompson to the KY State House!

Kyle Thompson is a native of Frankfort, and is running as the Republican candidate for the 57th district House of Representatives. Kyle is currently sitting for the second time on the Frankfort City Commission where he has focused on bringing common sense back to government. He has a huge heart for his hometown, and wants to combat crime, poverty and homelessness by supporting those re-entering society from crime and addicition.


That's why in January 2014, Kyle opened Capital Court Authority, LLC, a private probation, drug testing, and electronic monitoring company.  Today, CCA is the largest private probation and judicial drug testing company in the Commonwealth, and growing, helping numerous jurisdictions to combat crime and drug use while also helping the most vulnerable in our community. You will often find Kyle and his team going above and beyond drug testing and monitoring at all hours of the day and night to find programs, counseling, shelter, and make connections for the people they serve. If there is a need for these clients, and Franklin County, Kyle will look for a way to bring it to fruition.  

Deeply concerned for Frankfort's rise in crime, lack of economic development, and facilities for its citizens Kyle is not just a recent strategic problem solver he has been practicing law in Frankfort for more than twenty-one (21) years. A former Assistant Franklin County Attorney and General Counsel of a state agency, Kyle opened up his own firm fifteen (15) years ago and focused his practice on domestic, criminal, insurance, personal injury, and administrative law.


Kyle is also licensed and has practiced before the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky and the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati, bringing important cases to the forfront. In 2010, Kyle had the honor to be sworn in to practice law by Chief Justice John Roberts before the United States Supreme Court.  

Kyle is known for not being afraid to consitently question status quo, despite who it may upset. If there is an issue you bring to Kyle that would make our hometown a better place, he will research it endlessly, and bring an experienced, informed opinion forward for disucssion.  Kyle's legal accomplishments, entreprenurial spirit, and heart to advance his hometown are a short list of why you should give him your vote for the 57th district House of Representatives, where experience matters. 


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Learn how Kyle wants to make his home of Frankfort, Kentucky a better place for everyone!


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