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Here's what others have to say about Kyle!

Brad Thomas,
Internationally Recognized Economic Development Expert

"Kyle Thompson believes in a brighter future for Frankfort and Franklin County and will provide the necessary leadership, financial resources, and legislative  initiative to help bring transformational change to our community when elected to the General Assembly."

Robert Brewer
Vice Pres. Com. Loan Officer, Local Bank

“Kyle Thompson is the best option for the 57th District Seat of the Kentucky House of Representatives. He is a leader, a business owner, and a parent and his dedication to those aspects of his life will make him an excellent House member and a leader for the future of our community and the Commonwealth of Kentucky."

Former Franklin Co. Sheriff Deputy, Retired

"Kyle has reached out to me many times in the past and asked 'What can we, as citizens, do to help make our community safer?' He has time and time again shown his support and genuine care for Frankfort/Franklin County law enforcement. On several occasions, he has personally called me and assured me that he, and many, many others in the community support the men and women in law enough. In such turbulent times we are experiencing all over the country, we need more leaders like Kyle Thompson to step up and support Law Enforcement Officers. Leaders who will work together to make our entire Commonwealth more safe and secure for all Kentucky families.  I have no doubt that Kyle's history of support and dedication for all law enforcement and emergency services personnel as an active community member and then as an elected Frankfort official will continue when he becomes a member of the state legislature." 

Cathie Long
Franklin County Resident and Legal Client 

The importance of Frankfort / Franklin County to have exceptional representation in the Kentucky General Assembly cannot be overstated. Kyle Thompson's government experience, education, community outreach, and support of families is vital to address the needs of the public.  In my experience, I have relied on Kyle to help me through some challenging and difficult times, both professionally and personally.  He always delivered with wisdom and heart.  Kyle Thompson will be an excellent 57th house District representative for our community

Delvin Azofeifa
High School Teacher

"Kyle has his beliefs, but he is always willing to entertain an opposing thought to see if the proposed view point is a better idea. We need elected officials who are transparent and put people over party. VOTE KYLE THOMPSON 2024!"

Leroy Brock
President of Franklin County Youth Football League

"Kyle Thompson is a great choice for KY House of Representatives, 57th District. He is not only a leader but is deeply invested in our community. He has years of experience in both the public and private sectors with a proven record of success. His vision for Frankfort/Franklin County is exciting and one I hope we can all rally behind to support. 

image0 (10)_edited.jpg
Dr. Brian Hendrix, D.C.

"If family values, local economic growth, political experience, and relentless work ethic are important to you in your State House Representative, Kyle Thompson is the right choice for you this November." 

Daniel Bevington
Owner, Select Auto Sales

“I support Kyle Thompson for the House of Representatives, because as a fellow entrepreneur I believe he can use his business skills and experience to better our community and state as an active member of the legislature."

Stephanie McClain Shaffer

"Frankfort needs change, in a positive direction. Kyle is a life long resident of Franklin County, a parent, a business owner, a leader, and the voice that Franklin County needs! He has dedicated his life to serving his community, leading it into the future and always fighting for what is right, whether it’s popular or not. I proudly endorse Kyle to represent me."

Craig Blanton,
Retired State Employee

"The question is why am I 100% supporting Kyle Thompson for 57th District State Representative?  Mainly his doggedness to research the facts and his willingness to look out for the taxpayers of Franklin County, just as he has for the taxpayers of Frankfort for the last three plus (3+) years.  Kyle Thompson has proven his ability to work with his fellow Commissioners again and again. And, if the other members of the City Commission will not work towards progress, Kyle will push forward on his own. It has been too long since Franklin County had a Representative that can get things done for our community working within the current super majority in the House of Representatives and State Senate. If Voters of Franklin County want Parks and Park improvements, indoor swimming facilities, better athletic facilities, better roads, better schools, better law enforcement, better everything, without the risk of our representative's first thought to make this happen be to raise our taxes, we must have someone at the table who can advocate for Franklin County citizens in a successful manner. Kyle Thompson will have his ideas listened to by the various committee Representatives, Committee Chairs and the House Leadership, people who already know him and know his work ethic and work product. We need to elect someone who will look out for Franklin County’s interests. I am asking you to support and VOTE for Kyle Thompson because he will obtain results that no other candidate will have the ability to deliver. "

image0 (11).jpeg
Eric Elder
Entrepreneur and
IT Specialist


"The citizens and the needs of Frankfort and Franklin County have long been under served by state government.  Kyle listens to his constituents and takes seriously his duty to represent them. As a fiscal conservative he has a voting record of not being in favor of taxing citizens.  He stands against irresponsible government spending, even when it’s not popular to do so.  Kyle is the voice Frankfort needs in state government to make real progress."

Eddie James
American Football Savant

"Kyle is a community minded person who takes all points of view into consideration before forming an opinion. He is an honest, hard working man who is exactly what we need in office!"

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