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Here's what others have to say about Kyle!

Buddy Bennett
Res/Com Acc. Exec.
Lee Brick and Block

“Kyle knows process. He also understands how our City Manager form of government should function. I will proudly endorse him to represent me.”

Jordan Hall
J.D., Realtor

“Kyle will give a voice to many in this community who haven't felt heard in a very long time."

Brad Thomas
Economic Developer

“Frankfort is a City of great potential.  However opportunities for this great City have been hampered for decades by a lack of vision and leadership in our City Hall. Kyle Thompson believes in a brighter future for Frankfort and will provide the necessary leadership to help bring transformational change to the Capital City.”

Robert Brewer
Vice Pres. Com. Loan Officer, Local Bank

“Kyle Thompson is a great option for all of Frankfort. He is a leader, a business owner, and a parent and his dedication to those aspects of his life will make him an excellent City Commissioner and leader for our future.”

DR. Brian Hendrix
D. C.

“I would dare say the city of Frankfort needs Kyle Thompson. He is a calculated conservative that spends more time thinking of how to improve Frankfort than anyone I’ve ever met.”

Melissa Eaton
Wife, Mom, Frankfort Citizen 

“Kyle supports growth in our capital city, where we have experienced stagnant numbers for many years. He also supports the police and making the city a safe place to raise our families.  Kyle loves this city and it shows in all that he does.”

Delvin A.PNG
Delvin Azofeifa

"Kyle has his beliefs, but he is always willing to entertain an opposing thought to see if the opposing thought is a better idea. We need elected officials who are transparent and put people over party. VOTE KYLE THOMPSON 2020!"

Daniel Bevington
Owner, Select Auto Sales

“I support Kyle Thompson because as a fellow entrepreneur I believe he can use his business skills and experience to better city Government.” 

Deputy Jeff Farmer
Franklin County Sheriff's Office

"Kyle has reached out to me many times in the past and asked "What can we, as citizens, do to help make our community safer?" He has time and time again shown his support and genuine care for Frankfort/Franklin County law enforcement. On several occasions, he has personally called me and assured me that he, and many, many others in the community support the men and women in law enough. In such turbulent times we are experiencing all over the country, we need more leaders like Kyle Thompson to step up and support Law Enforcement Officers. Leaders who will work together to make our community safer. I have no doubt the Kyle will continue that support and a continued positive relationship as he serves the citizens of Frankfort as a City Commissioner."

Craig Blanton
Ret. State Employee

“I live in the county but as the city goes, so goes Franklin County. Frankfort hasn’t grown in decades while the surrounding cities and counties have. Kyle Thompson has a vision for growth and safety for Frankfort. Kyle is a local business owner. Kyle’s business is located downtown. Kyle wants to help Frankfort improve for his and our children. We have to elect people like Kyle Thompson to grow our parks and other amenities.  By increasing our outdoor opportunities, those will encourage people who work in Frankfort to move to Frankfort. Growth means better schools. Growth means better employment opportunities. Kyle Thompson will fight to see those things happen.”

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